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Folk medicine of the East is rightfully considered the best when it comes to procedures for maintaining health and youth. It was here, in China, that a special massage technique called Guasha was born. Its task is to rid the patient of ailments and diseases. In China, the phrase “gua-sha” is translated as “scrape off all the bad things”, so this is the name given to the massage technique, which is carried out with the help of scrapers.

Modern Gouache masters take a responsible approach to preparing for the procedure. First, to improve the absorption of the oil, the patient’s skin is heated and steamed using a hot towel. Then the body is disinfected with alcohol lotions in order to avoid infections. After that, massage oil is used, with the help of which the scraper will gently slide over the body and will not hurt the skin.

The “for the face” method consists in a slow sliding of the scraper on the skin, while there is a minimal pressure, thanks to which there is a removal of toxins and the study of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and mouth.


2 PCS set.




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