“Golden mist ” Travel Beauty Memory Foam Pillow


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This pillow with silk pillowcase is designed to provide supreme support for your head, neck, and spine where ever you go.  The correct level of support will allow the spine to remain in neutral alignment relieving pressure from the muscles.  Compact design allows you to take it everywhere you go, providing personal comfort. Travel beauty pillow is sturdy for the convenience of your rest in any journey. The product takes into account the structural features of the human cervical vertebrae, therefore, it provides them with the necessary support, and you – pleasant and relaxing.  A silk pillowcase helps your hair to maintain its natural moisture, as silk picks up only excess, protecting the skin and hair from dehydration. This pillow will become your irreplaceable companion on any trip! This pillow can be helpful in minimizing snoring, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Made of memory foam, it bounces back in shape and never deforms.



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